NoMachine not working

I am having problem with NoMachine, I would be very grateful if someone could help me. When I try to connect, I get the following message "Session negotiation failed. Error: Session error, premature program termination."
What does this error mean? And how can I fix it?

No experience with NoMachine, but I see they have an article about that message and a forum with some other possibly relevant threads. At the very least it will shed light on what the error means.

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Hi. This can mean that programs started by the NoMachine node are crashing immediately after starting. This can happen when the command that starts the desktop or a special program is incorrect.
How to check the correctness of the command here is a step-by-step instruction, I hope it will help you!

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Can you plz provide your garuda-inxi as asked by the template when you typed your question?
There is some info in there I'd like to check.