Noisetorch Not Working In Garuda Gamer

I tried to install 'Noisetorch' in Garuda Gamer and it returns the error; 'Target Not Found Noisetorch'.

I am not sure if that is because it was pulled not to long ago for a "security" issue, but if that is the case, it has been fixed/tested and is back. See article here for clarification;

Microphone noise suppression app NoiseTorch returns with a new release

Can this be reintroduced or fixed in Garuda Gamer...and Chaotic AUR?

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There are ongoing discussions about this project sadly. While audits have been done, the future is still unclear. @Technetium is keeping us updated, this issue tracks the progress:

The latest thing is that the project likely has to change the name or pull a set of latest changes in order to keep it..


My, oh my, the original author of the software seems rather full of .... :poop: .

Thanks for the info, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Noisetorch lives again! Feel free to reinstall it :slight_smile: