Nohang low memory

New problem, new thread please :slight_smile:

Could all this (mentioned above) have any bearing on something that has recently begun annoying me on my system: 'nohang low memory' notification together with the follwing entry in journal

nov. 18 19:53:02 spectre nohang-desktop[471]: Executing Command-81 ['sudo', '-u', 'eljejer', 'env', 'DISPLAY=:0', 'DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/1000/bus', 'notify-send', '--icon=dialog-warning', '--app-name=nohang', 'Low memory', 'Save your unsaved data!\nClose unused apps!\nClear tmpfs! Shmem: 36%'] with timeout 30s in Thread-162
                                        Clear tmpfs! Shmem: 36%

I really don't know how to configure things to prevent this

Thats nohang, to remove the notifications simply disable nohang-desktop systemd service and enable nohang (without -desktop)
That removes notifications :slight_smile:


I really need to know, Why did this notification came up on the first place? And it did show up everytime just after my laptop hang, even though my memory is 4.7 out of 7.7 GB and my swap 5.1 out of 9.6 GB

Search, then use wiki 'Reporting bugs', maybe open new thread, this one is solved.

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