Nohang low memory

New problem, new thread please :slight_smile:

Could all this (mentioned above) have any bearing on something that has recently begun annoying me on my system: 'nohang low memory' notification together with the follwing entry in journal

nov. 18 19:53:02 spectre nohang-desktop[471]: Executing Command-81 ['sudo', '-u', 'eljejer', 'env', 'DISPLAY=:0', 'DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/1000/bus', 'notify-send', '--icon=dialog-warning', '--app-name=nohang', 'Low memory', 'Save your unsaved data!\nClose unused apps!\nClear tmpfs! Shmem: 36%'] with timeout 30s in Thread-162
                                        Clear tmpfs! Shmem: 36%

I really don't know how to configure things to prevent this

Thats nohang, to remove the notifications simply disable nohang-desktop systemd service and enable nohang (without -desktop)
That removes notifications :slight_smile: