No words to describe this distro

Hey guys!!! If you are not able to decide if this distro suits you i am writing a small para expressing the amazingness of this distro;(main focus on dragonized)

  1. It is lowkey the best looking distro i ever tried the animations the wallpapers, eg - Blur background when windowed app is open
  2. It ships with fish (bash) out of the box
  3. It is arch based - Which has multiple advantages over debian, Like pacman which is much faster than apt
  4. This distro has been by far the best distro which manages beauty with performance
  5. This distro is good for gaming and allow's you to graphically install things like wine and proton used to run window's games in linux
  6. There is a active staff team to help you out

Here are some of the things that i think stand out about garuda linux.

My final ratings are 10/10

Definetely go for it, if you still feel hesitant feel free to use the live desktop session to see garuda's beauty especially dragonized

Hope this is the right section for it if not let me know


No cons, but 9/10 :frowning:

Yes it is.


I am replying to you SSG it was a 9/10 for me because i think you guys should become a company you definitely have the potential and the skills there are as of now no cons in the distro, imo garuda dragonized is better than ubuntu so much customization and usage of open source things

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Companies have to work profit-oriented, companies are dependent on customers, etc.
The Garuda team is independent (thanks to Fosshost and internal donors) and free in its decisions.

We love this freedom and we want to keep it that way. :slight_smile:

So, you can change to 10/10 :smiley: :wink:


atleast accept donations, the garuda team has done such a good job they deserve a little something from its end users

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This is not as easy as you think, a part of these donations would also go to third parties (PayPal among others) if this is to happen transparently the way we want it to.

A donation should best go directly to Fosshost who support us and the community very much, possibly with the note, because of Garuda Linux :wink:

Leave a like here and there and recommend us.

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"No words to describe this distro?"

Or, approximately 170 depending on whether/how one counts articles.

Welcome to Garuda Linux!


Pun was intended :wink:


<joke>No, please :dizzy_face:
We already have enough companies (I think I don't need to name them).</joke>

Just kidding! Even if Garuda becomes company I'd follow it! :innocent:

so i give you 11/10
let me explain
because you are simply setting a new bar
or do you know a company that can do it better

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