No wifi on install

At this point I am running Android on a tablet. I am trying to install Garuda on a Alienware P18E laptop. I was able to boot Garuda Cinnamon from my flash drive, but upon trying to install Garuda Linux it said I have no internet cinnection. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Welcome to Garuda.

Skip it and continue the installation. It won’t do any harm at all, ig.

And welcome to the forums


Hi there @Jval.

I hope you have followed @Naman's suggestion to install without an internet connection. Over and above that no advice can be offered to you as you have provided zero information about your system. I linked the wiki article that explains how to post your system specs with the inxi command and have been waiting since then for your outputs to assist you.

As you have provided zero information your post has exactly zero merit or reason to remain on the main forum. I will move it to the area where posts with zero information reside in a forum backwater chanel.

If you edit your Original Post (OP) and provide your specs your thread will be moved back to the main forum.


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