No WiFi connection in WayFire session

Dear all,
I'm really not able to connect my wifi net after booting in wayfire session. Being quite a noob, I'm not really sure of what to do. It looks like the WiFi card is not recognized .... but my dr460nized installation works perfectly on the same laptop!
I really have no idea of what to do and how to check what the problem is.
Could you please tell me how to check where the problem is? I don't want to mess with my not working wayfire and maybe break my KDE session in some way.
Thanks in advance

Could you please provide your garuda-inxi, possibly from both your WayFire and Dr460nized installations? Was the Wifi working from the Wayfire live USB?


We don't really support multiple desktop installations. You should pick a desktop you like by testing out various live environments, and then install the desktop that you like the most. Installing multiple DE's can have unpredictable side effects and should only be attempted by very experienced users.