No, Mr Bond - I expect you to die!

Hello all!

Stroke_Finger aka Pete here

Stroke_Finger because I'm a 'stroke survivor' and like Bond films. To minimise things, I use use humour and the tune to my fave Bond (Goldfinger) prompted the nick and the tune helps...

He's the man, the man with the mucked-up touch,
Can't do much...

Anyway, with time on my hands and loving a challenge, I decide to ditch windoze and went into rehab with Linux. I soon knew several distros weren't for me (too windoze-like) and heard Arch was 'difficult'.

So I found the most drop-dead gorgeous Arch distro there is and here I am.

A huge thank you to the dev-team on doing such a stupendous job and my very best for the future!

I have set sail on the Garuda Sea and am so far from land and my comfort zone, I have to keep going - thus far, I have had some problems ALL of my own making and, in the best Arch traditions, solved them myself by research, diligence and being a stiff-necked so-and-so.

The forum is top-notch and I am really enjoying it here.

Thanks to all involved in the distro and the forum. I hope to pay back in kind as soon as I can get more knowledge (been a linuxer for 4 weeks now) as soon as I can.



That's the spirit. Welcome, and see if you can save and export your build characteristics as a template that can then be imported by new users to adjust their attitudinal composition.

:muscle: :smiley: :+1:


Maybe most won't want to follow that template - it's been a long 58-year Homeresque adventure, to say the least! :rofl:


That user name is a stroke of genius (see what I did there?) :sweat_smile:

Welcome aboard mate :+1: