No Menubars Appear in KDEDragonized

So out of no where, the menu bars for me will not appear. I can still open the konsole with the shortcut and other apps but I can’t connect to the internet. This is the prompt I get every time I boot up and I see no menu bars:

Does anybody know how to fix this?

These are two different problems: KDE Wallet and Latte, most likely due to recent updates, because both happened to me too yesterday evening, but the KDE Wallet was a bit different.
For me, it asked to create a KDE Wallet password, and I did it. Then it asked to enter the wifi passphrase. Then I rebooted and after that I was asked a password like you.
After entering the password I was asked again the wifi passphrase (in the first "run" probably KDE wallet was not yet completely set-up) and I did it.
I decided to reboot again, and from this time no more wallet/password problems.
It could be that you already set a KDE Wallet password in the past (have you tried using the login password?).
Maybe read:
For Latte, try to open Krunner (normally shortcuts could be alt+space or alt+F2) and launch Garuda Assistant. From there reset default settings for latte.
To logoff or reboot you can right-click on the desktop and select Leave.
If for whatever reason Krunner doesn't start, launch garuda-assistant from the terminal (disregard some error messages there).
Last option, right-click on desktop, add widget and add a menu widget: from there you'll be able to launch Garuda Assistant.


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