No I3 gaps when single window is open

Hi have gabs whit rounded corners .
I can't get gabs when 1 window is open ?
What can i do to have also gabs when i single window is open ?

Please follow the template and try searching...

It's likely the smart_gaps on in the config.

i3-gaps doesn’t apply to one window - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
i3: i3 User’s Guide

edit: ah, no template because in "garuda community", this should have been in "issues and assistance".


Moved! :wink: And, yes, garuda-inxi is required!
I see gaps come from i3-gaps, now embedded into i3wm, so this might be still applicable

Smart borders will draw borders on windows only if there is more than one window in a workspace.

Also in the official i3 guide:


Thanks for the information , i solved it :+1:

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