No Garuda option in GRUB

I just installed Garuda and updated it. But now when I boot, the GRUB menu only shows the power options and the 'Snapshots' option. Although I can go to Snapshots and boot, but why isn't the boot option called 'Garuda' not coming? How can I fix this?

In terminal

sudo update-grub

may help.


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Nope, didn't work. :frowning:
I do see this though: Info: Separate boot partition not detected

Are you dual booting by any chance? Not sure if the grub update has affected garuda the same as manjaro and other distros, I should imagine it has as its come from upstream

Post all input and output from the command


Thanks, but I just decided to do a reinstall. Actually I was installing from an old ISO, and had an almost 1.5 GB update. That might be the reason this messed up. The ISO's downloading, let's see if it works this time

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