No fish in Xfce?

Hello everyone. I run Dragonized as my main, but have Xfce on dual-boot for one game that doesn't seem to work in any KDE (Vendetta Online {great game}). I noticed Xfce comes with bash as the shell and assumed only KDE was customized with fish. Well, I'm watching DistroTube's new video on Garuda QTile and I see QTile also has fish. I'm just wondering if there's a reason for Xfce not having fish.

"Maintainer's choice"

Yorper (the Xfce edition maintainer) doesn't like it; the Xfce edition is generally more "minimalist" than the other editions.


I can understand that. I hated fish the first time I tried it. Now I love it, but honestly, it spoils you. I'm sure using fish causes you to not remember commands as well.

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