No cursor in install window

I've been trying different flavors of Garuda under Virtualbox, Win10 host.
For Sway, Qtile and Wayfire, when trying to install from the iso, there is no cursor visible, which pretty much makes it impossible to proceed.

No problems with e.g. KDE, Xfce and Lxqt.

I've tried booting from the iso with both proprietory and open drivers, and setting the VBox pointing device to both PS/2 mouse and USB tablet (this is on a desktop, there is no tablet but it usually doesn't make a difference.)

Can't find anything is the Virtualbox world.

Any ideas?

Garuda is only meant to be installed on bare metal. A lot of things don’t work in a VM with Garuda.


Wayland can be odd in a VM at times. If the mouse is connected to a USB3 port try a USB2 port.


Actually its a PS/2 mouse. No USB.

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Nice, old school, you really know how to butter a guy up.

One free pass to the exclusive "where did I put my glasses, oh ya on my head club". :wink:

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I'm afraid I joined that several years ago:-)

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