No bootfile found for uefi (installing)

I use an old pendrive with garuda, a image from the beginning of this year in a new notebook instead of download the new img file.
After installing i try to update and give me some errors, so i think… “i dont care, lets download the new img from garuda web”…
I download the gnome version and use Ventoy to make the pendrive booteable.
Well, im getting this when selecting the img file in ventoy.

No bootfile found for uefi
Maybe the image does not support x64 uefi

This is a problem of Ventoy? (first time using it), a problem maybe because i already install a garuda version before?? i have to change something in Bios?.. What i can do?

Check in your BIOS settings that it is set to UEFI only mode. If you have CSM make sure it is disabled or off.


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