No access to drive D

Your solution is no solution when it’s

  • A VBOX drive
  • It’s not the same as the errorred drive.

Nobody here is paid to provide support. Statements such as you made above are entirely counterproductive. Everyone who assists on the forum does it because of a love for Linux and a desire to see others succeed in adopting Linux as well.

That said, our distro has an expectation that users requesting assistance show a reasonable level of motivation to perform basic search functions to help themselves learn how Linux works.

In reality you are expecting help with an issue that is unrelated to to Garuda. NTFS is a foreign file system that is intended for use with with Windows. Using NTFS formatted drives with Linux (while possible) is fraught with peril. File corruption when using the NTFS file system with Linux is almost inevitable. If you are lucky the drive can be fixed either from within Windows (preferred) or by using the ntfsfix command from Linux. Neither method is guaranteed to be successful. That is why all users should be making daily backups of mission critical data.

Again, performing data backups is not Garuda’s responsibility, the onus is on the user to see that adequate backups are kept. It is possible to recover data from a bad drive using free Linux software such as testdisk. Again, teaching users how to perform data recovery is out of the scope of the Garuda forum.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies here. Backups are paramount, no matter which OS you are using. You need to perform regular backups, especially if you are are using your computer for important work or school projects.

The Garuda forum attempts to help users with Garuda specific issues. We can not possibly be expected to teach basic search skills to every user wishing to transition to Linux.

The Garuda Wiki has an extensive guide for those not familiar with how best to begin a search for solutions to an issue.


The Garuda forum attempts to help users find solutions, but we can not be expected to carry users unwilling to expend any effort to help themselves. Our philosophy is to teach our users how to best solve their problems with our guidance, not do everything for them.


unfortunately you are completely wrong. This result is visible when the disk is blocked. The current settings do not cause any problems.

I can not agree with you. I had no intention of and will never look into other topics when it comes to the disk and sensitive data. Unless we do not understand the concept of sensitive data and their loss, through a solution from other topics → because they may not concern EXACTLY the same problem

I would like to point out that you insulted me first, so don’t cry now

Apparently this ain’t your first rodeo with this same problem…and you solved it with what, ntfsfix?

I hereby dub thee Troll o’ The Day

You have wasted the time of good people just trying to have a nice Sunday.

Plus you lack the courage to insult me directly, just via system msg.


According to the OP, the problem is solved. Further discussion is not required. As this thread appears to quickly be devolving into a pissing match I have shut it down.