Nextcloud Desktop keeps being started by Dolphin

For a few days now, Nextcloud Desktop will randomly start at some point when I open Dolphin. I’m wondering what the proper way to stop this is without resorting to removing Nextcloud. I’m not using it now, but maybe I will later.

There is a setting to launch it at startup, but that is unchecked, and I haven’t noticed it start at login, just at some random point during a session.

Edit: I’m not sure it’s even Dolphin after all… it seems to keep happening randomly and when I close something there’s the stupid Nextcloud window under what I was working on. This is too annoying, I’m going to have to uninstall it.

This is old but rings a bell: The Nextcloud desktop client keeps restarting / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums and perhaps this also explains the behavior Add option to disable file explorer integration · Issue #1982 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub which also mentions libcloudproviders.
I have no idea though. And you did not post the inxi.


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Yes this popped up out of nowhere after the last updates. Was not overly amused to do a restart and have the login box pop up out of nowhere and have to navigate a few windows to figure out what it was. I don’t know if this was installed by the Garuda installer out of the box and is just now misbehaving, or if an update dragged it in. I had it happen on both machines here and once I figured out what it was uninstalled it on both machines.

meanuse, SGS is right we shouldn’t provide help til OP fixes their post.

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Nope, IRRC, nextcloud is not installed by default.

We also have no influence on Dolphin or Nextcloud :slight_smile:
I think a workaround is included in @ meanruse’s post and I’ll mark it as such.

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Thanks, I thought as much. I wonder what took to liberty of installing it without the end user’s express permission, cause I know I read EVERYTHING. If I figure it out I’ll post who is responsible here and then go to where their software is hosted and BLAST them.

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