Newbie have some questions about package updates


I hope this is a good place to post.
I know Linux at a beginner to medium level and I am looking for a distro which will get me the latest software packages I install or at max 1 day or 2 day difference after new versions of those programs are released.

Does Garuda Linux offer this ? How long is it on average until an updated version of a program gets released and it appears in garuda Linux?

Thank you!

That doesn't exist anywhere. Packaging software takes time and effort, so if you want software on the same day it is released by the upstream project then you have to do it yourself.

There are no statistics for this.




Arch and chaotic aur packages are as fast as it gets. it is mostly same across all linux distributions based on arch. This is the fastest updates can get without breaking all the time


Thank you all for the insight! Now i am more informed and understand the process a little bit better! :blush:

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Actually Tumbleweed does. That said it's my biggest peeve with them. I like cutting edge, but there is such a thing as TOO cutting edge. In my opinion it is never a good idea @laur to install software the same day as it's released regardless of OS.


I do, if something broke I/we have the timeshift-autosnap backup in grub - advanced.
Its maybe not a good idea to do that in the others OS you use. :smiley:

Well if you use -git packages from chaotic aur its always latest build available within next hour with latest commit

It is more bleeding edge than any other repo in existence

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Thank you all! @librewish can you give me some info in a sentence or two about AUR? Is it supported in Garuda? And is there a standard way to know which packages support it? will it be a dedicated section in the update manager for AUR? Or will this be more like trial and error?
Does every package support AUR by default or only some of them?

I can risk breaking my system but I want the latest packages as soon as they are available, especially for the software I use. I was looking for a Linux distro to replace Windows and I was basing my comparison on Windows 10 OS, my target is maximum one day delay or two for updates, naything lower than that shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you!

Use live ISO, open pamac, open settings / AUR

Use search for apps / packages you need.

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as for chaotic aur it is a binary repo for aur
you can check which packages are in it

you can also ask us to add new packages in it if there exist an aur package for it


Thank you so much everyone! I will test it on a VM with my favourite packages first, to see if they are listed and if everything works well, I want to switch to this distro as daily driver!

I have been looking for this kind of distro for a while.

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Installing on virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience. :slight_smile:

Copyed from Homepage :slight_smile:

Will Live medium on real hardware without Intel HD graphics (just NVIDIA graphics) work for testing?

Use nonfree driver in grub, standard in Garuda.

Thank you! I will try it these days and see how it behaves on my real system.

If I can avoid using Timeshift by just waiting a few days that makes more sense. @librewish I found with Garuda there really is no need for Chaotic, and yes I'm aware you have it in for various items. I found that I don't actually need it for anything I expressly install.

i found chaotic aur to be quite useful. and people on arch can convert arch to garuda by just installing garuda's packages. and also it allows binaries that would other wise take ages to build. it is all upto what packages one uses that chaotic aur is useful or not but for a lot of us it is very useful.