New website design I have been working. Watch and review it

Hello everyone,
I have recorded a video explaining an overview of the design I have been working. It isn’t finished yet, there more to add content, pages and effects. So watch the video completely and try to answer the questions in the final “design evaluation” page in the below figma link, let me know your thoughts and ask if any doubts.

Figma Files
Figma Preview

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It looks pretty cool, the reliance on webgl though I feel will be a barrier for some who are full on privacy mode. Though that might just be a figma thing. The color idea is interesting the default should be dark first though with light as a toggle. maybe more of a Sweet theme or sweet amber blue theme would follow the dragonized theme a bit better.


Sweet Blue

The card idea is cool, the only question there is how well will it look on mobile.

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Firedragon has WebGl disabled by default, could that cause a problem?

Thanks. I will definitely consider your suggestions.

If webgl disabled, figma won’t open or run until it is enabled.

Ok tnx, that might be a concern to look into for us.

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