New wallpaper suggestion

eagle nebula images could be used since it is along the theme of eagles and it provides a new perspective of theming for garuda.


I second this I think some nice eagle themed images would be neat to have as option out of the box.

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You should ask them here.

And we didn't already include them because of copyright issues that may stir up if we did.
May be we will include some more Eagle pictures without such issues in future.

Btw, Thanks for suggestion :blush:


@pupperemeritus, Welcome to the forums. :wave:


Maybe it is better to point direct to :slight_smile:



the best / original picture.

Maybe it would be possible if you make the selection of the image section and post it directly in wallpaper format 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 :slight_smile:

I will have a stroll around for some open licensed pictures and link them here
:wink: wouldn't be an issue then right

this is the picture in the link above :stuck_out_tongue: original resolutions are higher if you download it from unsplash and pixelbay

another amazing image

that seems to be all eagle themed ones I found that I think are cool with a free license
huge fan of the handdrawn ones
Ps the links have the full quality max resolution version instead of the downtuned forum version


i unknowingly created an extra topic. theres actually showcase your art topic. moderators you can archive this. @Naman

Thanks for being careful. Will remove it tomorrow.

It would be cool if the eagles were aligned to the release codename (so for the current one you'd want wallpapers with golden eagles).