New Update Sucks A$$

I have been using Garuda as my primary driver on both my laptops for years.

Recently I updated the system and the whole user interface was downgraded.
For starters the update randomly installed whole new desktop environment.
Then proceeded to butcher my default dragonized theme to death.

UI components feel more buggy and got rounded edges on random spots.

I come from a user interface development background and I can tell these were horrible design choices.

Some UI components have been moved to a different location without a clear benefit to the consumer. This is what I call a “node.js syndrome” where the API call of the library would change and break my code without allowing me to do extra stuff. It’s just because someone thought this would be the better way to be.

This translates into completely different user experience from what I was used to for years. None of it makes sense. These changes should have been their own separate thee instead of molesting the well designed default dragonized theme.

How the hell do I go back to the previous interface?
What I got in the recent update is torture for my senses. Usually I do not rant ever, however, this time I had to make an account to ask this question “how do I go back?”.

P.S. Which Einstein got the idea to make the username and password input forms on login look like default HTML input forms stripped of all CSS styling?

We have only limited influence on that as most of these are due to KDE 6 :slight_smile: how about not being as rude however? To answer the question: you can’t go back. Which you would know when reading the migration notice.