New Unity layout through Latte Dock in Plasma

I modified it.
Notice that I have laptop at left monitor (small screen) with left tasks dock and external (larger) monitor at right, with bottom dock. But I don't have problem for auto-hide docks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

about the Templates implementation, not the layouts.

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Yeah the differences are purely cosmetic, but it is the correct layout.

I've only been able to briskly look at it. Does @psifidotos have more info in his video showcase description?

I'm thinking when I get free time, I'll make some sort of hybrid unity dr460ized monstrosity

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Proposed Latte Git version, Unity Garuda:

Applets that are not found in Plasma:

Latte Indicator used for left panel is Unity : Unity Indicator -

All previous applets and indicator will get a new stable version in the upcoming month.

The layout is also using Latte SysTray Tweaks if they are present in order to provide spacing option between different systray elements: GitHub - psifidotos/plasma-systray-latte-tweaks: Latte tweaks for Plasma systray These tweaks need to be used only with care because each different plasma version needs a new release. We are now working with @trmdi in order to provide DeepIn systray visual through these tweaks. Make reversed background adjustable by trmdi · Pull Request #13 · psifidotos/plasma-systray-latte-tweaks · GitHub

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I gave it a shot.
I couldn't quite get the theming correct(to look exactly like ubuntu), but this gives a general idea of what a dr460ized unity monstrosity would look like.
As I've said, I'm not one of those people who like to mess around with the desktop configuration too much. I worked on it for 15 minutes and got as far as I could. I prefer other people who like dealing with desktop configurations figure it out, and then I just use(or appreciate) their work.

Anyways, here is where I got:


My proposal was not for Unity visuals but rather the workflow that older Unity users are accustomed at.

  1. Taskmanager on the left
  2. When tasks are too many you can scroll between them
  3. Window name in the top panel
  4. AppMenu on the top panel and shown only when the user hovers the window title
  5. Window buttons in the top panel shown only when there is a maximized window
  6. Maximize/Restore active window by double clicking the top panel
  7. Drag active window by dragging it through the top panel
  8. Use global on position shortcuts to trigger activation of things at the left dock through for example Meta+1

All above are provided from the Latte layout I sent.

Concerning the visuals personally I propose to not lose the Garuda identity. You can keep the icons and theme you prefer as distro and just make adjustions to Latte panels / docks to look more consistent with it with proper shadows and indicator settings.


ILooks good :+1: however in Unity the clock is by the SysTray and theres also the Icon in the top corner. so maybe try fixing that

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feel free to contribute at it! We are expecting your corrections.