New to Linux and need some help with Frame interpolation + Dolby Atmos

I'm using SVP4 (Smooth Video Project) to interpolate my video content to 144 FPS. I also have a decent Dolby Atmos Home Theater setup. I got SVP working fine with SMPlayer but here is the catch.

Dolby atmos passthrough through HDMI is not enabled by default and it needs some tweaking to get it working. I found a guide on how to do it but it's for Kodi player and kodi is not supported by SVP (You can get Atmos working with Kodi). I found something with Advanced Audio V2 for Arch Linux but not sure if that enables Dolby Atmos or not.

Link 1 (not sure what this does compared to link 2): Which version of linux has support for Dolby Advanced Audio v2? - Stack Overflow

Link 2: Enable High Quality Audio on Linux | by Gamunu Balagalla | Medium

NOTE: Anybody know a alternative to SVP that might work with Kodi, SMPlayer, VLC?

I'm thinking the combination I want to achieve is simply not possible at this point in time...