New to Garuda! Hello from Washington

Hello! New to Garuda and messed with it a bit in VM and decided to it on my spare laptop I use for just Linux. Switched from RisiOS cause updates where breaking grub and it was being sluggish and wanted something that wasn't Debian based. Tried Garuda in my VM machine and I love how updating things are fairly simple and it will auto search etc etc. Also love the UI and having options for gaming with out a lot of fuss. So anyways just thought I would say hello. Greetings from Washington State.


Use in a VM can lead to negative experiences, the full enjoyment is only experienced from SSD upwards. :smiley:

Have fun and


Our distro is optimized for performance on real hardware. Installing in virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience! (e.g. setup assistant not working)
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Greetings from Tacompton...I mean Tacoma.


If you have liked garuda on VM where it barely works you are gonna love it on baremetal where it can showcase it’s actual capabilities. :wink:

And greetings from India. :smile:


A warm welcome from upside-down land :smiley: nice to see 2 fresh faces from burger land!