New PC, new OS

Hello everyone,
I am a full-time newbie Linux enjoyer since 2014, from France, switching between a few distro, but always with KDE. I switched to Arch-based (Manjaro) 2 years ago, pacman is so great!

Last week, my good old PC died and now, with a new machine, why not a new distro? I installed Garuda, like a lot of the features (some stuff still need to be sorted, wine won’t work yet) but overall, Dragonized is refreshing.
I suppose I will have a few questions latter, but I like Garuda.

The community here seems very nice, I would like to thanks all the contributor.


Welcome to Garuda Linux!


Hello. Welcome to Garuda. I don’t know what comes in the regular (can you really call Dragonized regular?) KDE Garuda, but Gaming comes with the wine-meta package from the Garuda repo. You might try installing that if you don’t already have it. Check out this thread I made on Reddit just a few days ago…

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I did install the gaming edition. I try to launch a exe, throught wine; I see wine launched, and wine closed before the application opens…

So strange. I really wonder why it’s given me no issues. If you looked at my reddit thread others are having issues too and I can’t figure it out.

Maybe you should open a new thread and get some help with it. I would be watching to help me figure it out. I can’t start a thread about it because mine’s working. I’m trying to help others. But, be sure to search in here before you do.

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Quite weirdly the app now works, but only if I use sudo wine on it.
Well, the important part is that it works, thanks for the replies.