New PC install - grub throws up some sort of error with UEFI, but CSM won't create a boot record

No idea how I can provide logs as Garuda will not complete an install.

MSI PRO Z690-A, BIOS dated… November 3 2023 IIRC.

EndeavourOS and Manjaro were able to install.

The grub error I cannot post because it appears mostly off-screen. I get the first four letters of each line of the error. I only know it’s grub-related because the second line says “grub”

You can post garuda-inxi from installer ISO.

Installation works for more than 100000 Garuda users.
Both sentence didn’t help anyone. Right :slight_smile: ?

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Garuda is my preferred distro :slight_smile:

I’ll try to figure out how to get the garuda-inxi file. My old PC is Windows only now due to a SDD crash and I don’t have the space to dual boot it, and can’t remove Windows atm. Hopefully trying to install over Endeavour will let me get garuda-inxi, as Windows cannot see it on the USB stick, and if I use CMS rather than UEFI, I can install but then I’m stuck with CMS and it won’t write a boot record.

if live ISO boot, use garuda-assistant or terminal, log in forum and post it.


No luck with Ventoy. BIOS asks for an approved file which it then won’t approve.

Garuda Downloader gave an error stating that reading/parsing the .zsync file failed.

Was unable to get Popsicle working but I did write the ISO with dd. Could not find garuda-inxi on the USB stick.

Motherboard is a MSI Z690-A Pro and there appears to be no way to disable secure boot without having Windows, because MSI is brilliant like that.

I’m going to try to install with CSM and see if I can generate an error file that way and post any logs I can generate from the installer.

Are you sure your secure boot is disabled in the BIOS?


Never mind. After disabling fTMP 2.0, I got the MSI BIOS to allow me to disable secure boot (it had been greyed out before). Then I could turn on fTPM 2.0 again and secure boot remained disabled.

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That was the problem - the MSI BIOS had greyed out secure boot.

I played around with settings, and eventually turning fTPM 2.0 off seemed to have allowed me to edit Secure Boot. I then could turn fTPM 2.0 back on and Secure Boot remained off (and I could edit it).

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