New Merch Offer Leather Patch Hat? Admin Approval request?

Hey all, I’ve been daily driving Garuda (quietly here) but loudly on reddit for what must be a couple years now. This was the first distro that made me confident enough to drop the windows dual boot and I honestly haven’t thought about looking back.

I’m a custom woodworker in Toronto and in this economy I felt the need to diversify, so I bought a laser cutter, it augments my woodworking and can be it’s own thing.

I’ve been laser cutting natural veg tan leather lately, and making custom merchandise for myself and friends, and I’d like to ask the admins, what sort of permission/kickback to support the distro is fair if I would offer black hats with a leather patch, similar to this on redbubble or something similar?
New Leather Engraved Hat.png - Google Drive but not likely Carhartt like mine since they don’t seem to be available in any bulk discount that makes sense and are kinda expensive.

This is the patch I’d love to use I know this art belongs to one of you, to that person, just know I haven’t worn this or shown it to anyone in person at this point. PXL_20240429_180510077.RAW-01.COVER.jpg - Google Drive note: that’s a few too many stitch holes. Would I have permission to do this? is there interest in this? Please let me know, I definitely don’t want to step on any toes, but this is a way to give back a little, and keep me busy (and maybe earn a little) through a tough time for everyone, especially for a dude who primarily earns peoples discretionary income.

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The logo is mine and not released for commercial purposes.

You mean me, thank you :slight_smile:
I’m not young and I need the money, but more money doesn’t hurt either. :smiley:

Maybe you should discuss this with our treasurer, he is young and manages the donations and expenses. @dr460nf1r3

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Thanks for the direction, I’ll fire a dm at dragonfire if I don’t see a public post from him here soon :slight_smile: Are you saying the design itself belongs to you? Are you comfortable with Dragonfire working this out for you?

It can be used for donations to Garuda.
The basic contribution would be 1000 €, because nobody can check if you will sell it 1 time or a million times.

Oh that’s heavy duty for me, I repsect guarding the IP, but there’s justno chance I’d take a shot at this with this sort up front gamble. I expect this would barely generate 30 sales worth $300CAD to me… Though if it would make you all more comfortable, I’d be happy to sign something keeping it single platform you have access too so you can audit me on comissions.

Well, Garuda is probably used by more than 40000 users, if not 100000.
There are a lot of anonymous users.
Some already asked for merchandise items.
You’d be the first to pull that off. So BINGO for you.

But we would have no control over your revenue, so why should we lower the bar?

not asking you to, just suggesting I open transparency which could mean a lot more for you and me if your predictions are better than mine. I’d sign an agreement that these are only available through a platform of your choosing, and you’d get a login, and could audit the sales anytime. I can’t pony up 1000 euro if I wanted to and thought it was as lucrative as you do.

Sounds good, but wait for @dr460nf1r3 :slight_smile:

Of course we will also have to discuss this as a team.
I therefore ask for a little patience.

Our global team lives in different time zones, you know? :wink:


No sweat, I’m not in any hurry and would rather do something that works for all, than nothing, or something that is uncomfortable for some key players in this idea.