New kernel *PDS get Kernel panic at boot

Hi, I had my Garuda run the stock kernel "linux-tkg-bmq 5.12" but I'd want to try the PDS version to see if I can get some better performance. So I'd updated the kernel list and installed "linux-lts-tkg-pds 5.4". After the reboot, if I force to boot with the new kernel I get a kernel panic - not syncing VSF: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0).
I had confronted the boot option in grub from the default kernel and the new one, but are besicaly the same. I had seracherd online for some tips but I can't get through alone

Kernel version lower than 5.9 cannot boot when zstd is set as default compression method for initramfs

To boot older kernel you have to edit mkinicpio.conf and set compression tobany other method than zstd
The rebuild using mkinicpio -P and update-grub


Hm.. so... now I can normaly boot to desktop only by using the default "linux-tkg-bmq" kernel. Of cousrse I can modify the mkinicpio.conf from the old kernel but can I launch mkinicpio -P from this session to influence only the kernel "linux-lts-tkg-pds 5.4"? And BTW, in kernel application of Garuda the 5.4 version is the "newer" I can see

Simply create a custom preset file in /etc/mkinitcpio.d in which you can specify a compression method for each kernel via default_options="-z compression-method".


If you haven't used the LTS kernel before and you don't need it for anything, just install the latest version of PDS, which has no problems (Linux-tkg-pds 5.12.12-169). DeepL translation.

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