New Install Boots to Debug - NVIDIA Driver Issue?


I just installed the latest KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition on my system and I get a failed boot. It appears to be related to the NVIDIA driver, (proprietary). My system is built around the ASRock Z690 Aqua OC motherboard, Intel i9-12900KS CPU, and an EVGA NVIDIA 3090 GPU.

If I install the latest Manjaro which uses 5.15 as its kernel, and I try to upgrade the system to a 6.x kernel, I get a similar result in that upon reboot the system locks up. It feels like something is going wrong with the 6.x kernel and my system configuration.

This first image is a photo of the screen when trying to boot Garuda normally, and this second one is when trying to boot using the Garuda recovery option. Looking for any troubleshooting suggestions.

BTW, I've seen several threads regarding confusion under Linux when there are two GPUs in the system. I think that my system qualifies in that there's the built in GPU on the CPU, and the 3090. I did select in the system BIOS that the default GPU be the PCIE slot, but I don't know if there's any other options which should be enabled/disabled.


Install Garuda with free driver

Post garuda-inxi via

garuda-inxi | tb

Install later via chroot other kernel and install Nvidia later.


Thank you.

I re-installed Garuda using the installer, using open source drivers. The system then booted up correctly.

After performing mandated system upgrades the system asked if I wanted to update to the non-free NVIDIA driver and I accepted the install.

Once the driver was installed and my system rebooted, everything appears to be working correctly. I don't understand why it wouldn't work originally, but it is working now.

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Seems to be due to the magic code of @TNE :slight_smile: , IIRC :slight_smile:

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