New Garuda KDE Dr460nized user. I like it... but

It’s obviously very cool looking right out of the box and has a lot of good gaming stuff. I have been using it a few weeks at home on my old lenovo laptop and aside from some game crashes, Dr460nized is my new steam gaming system. I even installed it on an old iMac at work and my co-workers and I have been fooling around with some gaming stuff when we get a chance.

The game crashes are outside of your control I understand that, but every time I install the OS, regardless of PC or Mac, in order to complete the update I have to go into octipi and remove an open jdk package that seems to be for a minecraft launcher in order to fully update everything else. Aside from that every install has gone smoothly and having all the wine stuff pre-installed makes things a lot easier.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Do not use octopi, use the terminal, one command


same like, update or garuda-update.

Read carefully the log, check pacnew, pacsave files and orphans (remove with cleanup).



There are ways to automate pre & post install transactions.

Arch Manpages - ALPM Hooks

Arch Wiki - Pacman Hooks

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Sounds like you aren’t using Minecraft so just leave it uninstalled.

you could use a different launcher maybe

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