New forum banner looks out of place

And no, I'm not talking about the font, which I have very strong opinions about.

It looks fine on mobile, but on desktop there is a big gap between the FAQ and Tutorials section to the Garuda Community section. It throws the grid off.

Please, fix it in your spare time, my ocd will thank you :sweat_smile:

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I'm sorry i disagree it looks very polished to my eyes

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You're all right, I'm still looking for why it doesn't look the same in the forum as it does on the smartphone.

I fix the icon in announcement and put a new one in FAQ and Tutorials

What looks great in cellphone/smartphone/handy

fail in web browser.

Both PNG has the same size
but take up different amounts of space (height).

Of course, there is nothing about the requirements where they can be inserted into discourse.

The same goes for background images, which are not displayed for me.

In the discourse forum, I only read briefly that it consumes too many resources anyway, because it is constantly reloaded.

Nevertheless, I'll leave it as it is for now to search for a solution, the kiddies are all just hanging around with their smartphones here in the forum anyway :smiley:



What do you think of it now? Can be reverted if you don't like.

Urgh, but now it's with a white background, even though the png is transparent!

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If you remove the category description it will resize correctly.
"Get the latest news about package updates and what is important about Garuda Linux."
Or go into the category-list.scss and unhide overflow if you have access.
Edit: you done it :rofl:

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New forum banner looks out of place



Yes, please.


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