Never thought I'd dual-boot

I had a major problem with Steam. When I would start Baudur's Gate 3, The Bard's Tale 4 would load instead. I contacted Steam service and the only advice I got was to install Ubuntu.

So, I made a partition and installed Ubuntu MATE 22.04 into it. Booted, installed Steam, and, to my shock, Baldur's Gate 3 ran. So now I boot into Garuda for everything else, and Ubuntu for BG3.

And then my ASUS motherboard networking just died. Installing a MSI and crossing my fingers.


There is an...never mind. I was just going to say that the solution for an Arch-based system is NOT to install Ubuntu.

Did you post here about your problem? Did you give us the opportunity to try and help? What, exactly, is the purpose of this post?


It was the only way I could play the game I want most to play. I didn't like it either, and, no, I didn't ask for help here, but I did ask for help elsewhere. It did run when I was running Manjaro, so I don't think it was an Arch-based problem.

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