Network only connecting after gnome-session login

Hi everyone,

I noticed that Garuda does not seem to enable the network devices on boot, but only does so after the Gnome-session has been started and I am on the desktop. This results in me having to wait for 10-15 seconds until the network is connected.

I googled this for Arch where the suggestion was to enable dhcpcd on boot - however I found that Garuda does not have this module in systemctl at all. Guess the network manager works differently or something?

How do I enable the start of the Ethernet connection during the boot sequence in Garuda?

Thank you.

Why do you need to wait 10-15 Seconds until an ethernet connection is established? That should be near instant.

And what means "wait"? Can't you do anything?

For me, usually, it takes longer to start a browser than it takes to have a connection established, especially for ethernet but also mostly for wifi nowadays.

So I suspect there is some issue with your network.

On the other hand, you can get rid of network manager and install something else. But I'd discuss that as next step, if there really is nothing wrong with your network.


Please follow the template and post your garuda-inxi as text.


Isn't dhcpd an actual DHCP server? In regular consumer networks usually the router has this role already, therefore adding another DHCP server would likely cause issues.


The network devices are enabled before this, during the boot process. This sounds like maybe an authentication issue. Does your network have a captive portal?

These should not both be in use, rather one or the other. Either is fine, although NetworkManager is more commonly implemented in my experience. Solutions you see involving dhcpcd can likely be implemented with NetworkManager instead (obviously with different commands or services).

Please post the output of garuda-inxi as requested in the forum template.