Netdiscover error--> SOLVED

there is no ways i can update netdiscover...
I keep on getting pgp corrupt error.

erreur : netdiscover : la signature de « Kevin MacMartin (ArchStrike Dev) [email protected] » est de c
onfiance inconnue
:: Le fichier /var/cache/pacman/pkg/netdiscover-0.7-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz est corrompu (paquet non valide ou cor
rompu (signature PGP)).

Does any one as a clue to solve this issue ? I'm kind of stuck when it comes to updating with pacman -Syu
It goes fine when i untag netdiscover from packages to update (thru discover)...

I should ask you to search in the forum using the English translation for your error message, please do so in the future...
...anyway it really looks like this one:

Maybe also
Check those which fit better the translation first... :slight_smile:


Many thanks... Well my first move was to look at... Archwiki !!!
In case the problem reoccurs, i live u in peace & do my homework...


I just did as @jonathon said but sad to say i have to keep on digging !
Not that easy to get infos on that netdiscover ^¹[[)xł24c
Dont know at all why it is needed!
Never mind, i'll find out...
Best to all

This isn't part of the standard installation, so you'll have to populate the pacman keyring with the correct keys - I assume this is the BlackArch repo, so you can import the BlackArch package signing keys.


Thanks @jonathon , you must be right... This time, i played with repos...
My bad for i'm no pentester or so...
I'll do what u say -import BA package signing keys- and in fact add all the keyrings missing !
Might be the only way. Or getting rid of these useless repos (for me).
I'm not a BlackArch user, no Kodachi, no Kali, Mamba...
Just plain learning dumb !
Guess it's my way of learning !
The hard one, quite destructive i must say.
Thanks again for pointing me the proper direction.

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