Need help with basic setup

I am an absolute Linux noob and I just installed Garuda. I'm on the desktop rn and I need help with basic setup like getting nessecarry apps, WINE etc. Please use simple terms and step by step instructions as otherwise I probably won't understand it

Use garuda assistant and garuda welcome
and click on 'setup assistant' at the bottom
Most of the things that you would want to do are there :wink:



thank you, finally found the best distro for me


We understand. We get the same explanation multiple times daily from other new-to-Linux users.

Just as a warning: That excuse only goes so far with Linux users in-general. Look, we've all been where you are now (some of us have been stuck here for a couple decades). But your questions are too open-ended. They are the equivalent of "how do I walk" and demonstrate no effort on your part to explain any further. Bad news: we don't hold hands.

After a very short while we expect you to describe, in detail, your exact problem (only one per thread, please), the research you have done, what you have tried, where it failed, etc. We expect logs, journals, and everything you might expect we might need in order to help you solve your problem.

Please consider this as informative rather than a pre-judgement. I tend to notice trends.



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