Need Help In Installing Garuda Linux On External Hdd

Hey I'm New To Linux I Want Help In Installing Garuda Linux On My External Hdd While Installing I Stuck At A Problem The Problem Is Choosing Boot Loader Location It's Showing Two Different Possible Location Which Are Of Main Hard Drive And Other Of External Harddrive Please Tell Me Which Boot Loader Location Should I Choose To Install Garuda Linux On External Hdd

Personnaly I would use the USB external hard disk. Since you could boot the computer directly on the external drive when it is connected.

If you use the main hard drive you could interfere with other OS you may have on it and may be have problem booting your other OSes.

Just read this carefully :


Please Tell Me If Everything Is Good Here Storage Device :- WDC WD1600BEVS-08VAT2 - 149.0 GiB (/dev/SDC)
Install Boot Loader On :- Master Boot Record Of WDC WD1600BEVS-08VAT2 (/dev/SDC) So I Can Proceed To Next Step I'm Doing This Installation On My External Hardisk

good video guide for dual booting garuda/windows10

Not a fan of this video. Needlessly complicated.
Someone showed me this one in the Telegram group and I like it much more: How to Dual Boot Garuda Linux and Windows 10 SAFELY [ 2021 ] - YouTube


Thanks for posting that, but I much prefer the video:

How to Dual Boot Garuda Linux and Windows 10 WISELY

It is extremely well explained and not overly long at a generous length of 00 minutes and 0 seconds. :rofl:


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