Need assistance with fstab

Hi! Coming from Linux Mint, where I had set up to automount three network storage devices. Doesn't seem to work the same way here.
They are NFS shares, and I have made sure that NFS utils is available in my system. Do I need more?
I have created the mountpoints in /mnt. Is that correct?
I want the shares to be 'rw' and 'users'. Is that syntax not correct here?
Could someone please paste an example of a functioning fstab line that mounts a remote nfs share?
Thanks in advance!

gnome-disk-utility 43.0

Check if ntfs-3g is installed


I love gnome-disk-utility - bu it doesn'tshow the remote shares.
And yes, I have checked: ntfs-3g is installed.

I use links in file browser and mount them manual if needed, power saving :slight_smile:

So, try

Thanks! In the meantime I have also searched around. The simple version that is working now looks like this: /mnt/zzzDisk nfs defaults 0 0
I am not sure what the problem was. Maybe very simple, that I had not written the ':' after the IP address, but took the address as copied from the config details in the NAS.
'defaults' obviously gives me the appropriate user rights, so no worries.
Hope the probably included autoload option will not slow me down too much when I start the system.

Just try out :slight_smile:
I think your system will not boot if some NAS can't be reached when it is offline, or something else.

Unless the NAS has files that are needed at boot, you can specify the noauto,x-systemd.automount options in /etc/fstab. These options tell your system to not bother mounting the drive until you actually need to access it (open the directory in your file explorer to get something, for example). This may help avoid problems if the resource isn't available immediately at boot time for some reason.

More here: fstab - ArchWiki


This may be useful Fstab - Use SystemD automount - Manjaro

Thanks so much!

I would suggest users stop linking to Manjaro forum posts. Rather than linking, please post a copy of the most pertinent info on the Garuda foum. Unfortunately, Manjaro has a very bad habit of depracating their forum on a regular basis.

I was guilty as well of linking my old support posts from the Manjaro forum on the Garuda forum in the past. I now see that all my old links from Manjaro that I posted on the Garuda forum are all dead. Manjaro has completely shut down access to all the archived old forum posts. This is the third forum incarnation that they are currently using that I am aware of.

All the past excellent Manjaro support information is now lost, so I see little point in linking Manjaro content in the future. Please copy and post the important content from any Manjaro thread, not just the link. Manjaro's forums are killed off and shut down as a regular practice, so there is little point in posting only links to their forum anymore IMO.


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