Need assistance with adjusting a couple of things (finding KDE settings)

  1. How can I get the dock NOT to auto-hide?

  2. How can I move the minimize/close/maximize icons to the right side of the windows?

Thank you!

#1 - Right click the dock and choose edit Pane.

#2 - you have to adjust your theme. More specifically the Windows Decorations, Titlebar Buttons tab.


With Latte, you right click the dock and select 'edit dock' and look at Visibility settings.
I like 'on demand' for one dock - it doesn't auto-hide but I can hide it and bring it back with a mouse gesture.

Settings are available through the menus.

You open krunner with 'Alt Space'. You open the main menu with Meta, or Alt+F1.

Once you open a menu you type 'window' and you will see 'window decorations'.

You then see 'Titlebar Buttons'. There's a window with a titlebar and buttons in the window. You can drag buttons from the titlebar-window or from the window to the titlebar. You can also drag them to the left or right.