Need a "color" +New Topic button on the Forum page

I noticed the "Catagories" button is black text in blueish box (that's cool), however, the "+New Topic" button is white text in a greyish box. It doesn't really stand out very well. Just my opinion, but I honestly believe it should stand out more.

We were contemplating hiding the button completely, but instead we decided to simply redirect the link to the Garuda Wiki. :rofl:


It is a matter of theme setting, I think.

Maybe @Naman would find some free time and replace class btn-default with btn-primary at categories page for the button id="create-topic".

I don't know how many pages would need this edit... :man_shrugging:
We also have to ask the Garuda Design Section. They are really tough when it comes to changes... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @SGS


Can you post a screenshot? I can't understand what do you mean

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Exactly that!!! Come on man, this is Garuda Linux Country!!! We don't use bland "grey out" boxes like those sub-standard Garuda Linux wanna-bees. Dragoniz3 that box !!! :wink:

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See if you like it.

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What if it puts someone's eye out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well they shouldn't be running through the house now should they...

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