Native Wallpapers from Miordmiro for You

After long thoughts on my mind i will share my native wallpapers without promote anything :slight_smile: and hopefully create more if i can:

I hope i can fix up my misleading behavior from common posts and go forward in a better future.


Wow, really colorful!! You got talents, I am trying them out right now, they only download in 1280x720, sadly, but they are awesome! :smiley:


Thank you very very much for ur answer :slight_smile: yeah its sadly with the resolution, deviantart reduce it idk if u have a deviantart account u can download it in original resolution hmm or i can send it per pm to you but if many people will ask it will confuse me alot :smiley: i have some old ones too:

now i will concentrate me on newer works if i am in mood , my medication has been changed today so iam optimistic that i can produce more :slight_smile:


What's your deviantArt account? Or how can I find it on deviant?
It's been a very long time I haven't gone there but I do have an old account. :slight_smile:

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hope you will find ur way on my confusing gallery :smiley: and that the resolution will work D:


excellent. had to make an account there, but now I can download the pics in full res. nice art!

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thank you :slight_smile: :fire: i experiment a little bit with resolutions and a bit of mix and thats the output

note for me that the fully resolution is only available with a deviantart account hmm
Good night from Germany :slight_smile:


Open a github or gitlab account. No devianart needed :slight_smile:


By the way, are these remix files again, or is everything invented and produced by you personally?


that's the point, all the pictures are produced from me, i'll pay attention to that this time, i'll probably create a gitlab account then :slight_smile: and some of the pics are from the remix thread, but without the logo mdm thats the reason why i called "native" wallpapers but its from me