My thoughts on Garuda Community

My Greeting for everyone in Garuda Community

I'm new to join few months ago I joined here, I'm glad that it's one of the best linux community that I have seen.
I just switched linux and only it 5 months, Garuda Linux was known to me by YouTube.
I'm also new to learn linux. I don't know much of it, Each time the Arch Linux updates broke my system this forum always stand with me, guides me throughout.

I hope that in upcomming years this community will reach great heights and I'm happy to see that.


Some people are put off by our forum because we are not that fond of hand holding here. We attempt to help everyone here, but we also have limited resources. Most people that demonstrate initiative will always find someone to help them here.

Those users that are search impaired will most likely not enjoy our forum. We have the expectation that our users search thoroughly before asking questions on the forum. For most people this works out just fine.

The users that demonstrate a dislike for using a search engine often think our forum is rude, because they will sometimes receive blowback from other users if they are perceived as being lazy. If you show a desire to learn, you will most likely have a great time on our forum.

Welcome aboard.


I love how you role @tbg , a warm hug wrapped with in caution tape. :construction: :laughing:

Welcome @virat_17 :wave:t2:


This...perhaps...drives me the most nowadays. Some of us old-and-slow folks will dredge through the fog of distant memory to excavate a helpful reply to those who act like they want to learn. The action part is a necessary function.

Please and thank you also help.