My system gets slow when I get low memory warning

I'm pulling the info from what you post into LibreOffice Calc.

I meant - Were there more programs running before you ran oom-sort. I ask becasue knowing that would help me determine if adjusting the swapiness would help. I doubt it would, though - you just need to use fewer applications concurrently or get yourself a memory upgrade.


Have you checked to see if Baloo is running?

It's enabled by default, and a massive resource and memory hog.

Baloo creates a cache for file indexing and searching; my baloo file usually ends up being around 6GB before i disable it.

Baloo will use 100% of your free RAM.

For general information about Baloo:
Baloo - ArchWiki

Configuration info or to disable Baloo, see:
Baloo/Configuration - KDE Community Wiki

You'll know if Baloo is indexing every file on your system, the HDD light will keep blinking; for a long time -- forget about multi-tasking, anything.

If you don't need insta-searches for files on your HDD, disable it!

You can disable Baloo by:

Using a text editor, edit: ~/.config/baloofilerc

Add the lines:

[Basic Settings]
first run=true


After rebooting with Baloo disabled, you can delete the huge indexing cache file in:


Deleting that file will save you 5-6GB of HDD space; or more, if you have a lot of files.

If it's not Baloo, I suspect it could potentially be your swap setup; but I don't know about that.

Before Garuda, I would just setup a swap partition 4x my physical memory; on Geruda I'm using the default setup -- whatever that is.

Hopefully someone could help with that... @ale1

Btw, you can also increase swappiness. It will avoid that "low memory warning" by using swap space if you run out of RAM.

sudo micro /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl-garuda.conf

By default, it is 10, which means Swap will come to play once you use 90 % of RAM. You should set it to around 30- 50 % if you get "low RAM warning" often.

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For some reason @ale1 DM'ed me instead of replying here.

So the real complaint is you could run these apps on Ubuntu but not on Garuda. The one difference I can think of that would be related (maybe) is that one of the performance tweaks is a series of RAM areas used as swaps.


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