My introduction as new forum user

I am an old French / German Linux user (76 y. old) having try to learn divers East languages, actually espec. Tamil (but also Far East language like Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other Indian languages like Hindi and Sanskrit (with extreme difficulties! As I have a good health despite my age, this begins with unusual problems: My view is very bad and the size of Devanagari as well as of Tamil characters is generally to low to recognize easily the added short lines on the base characters, you know probably that yourself! To commute my keyboard, I use the short keys CRTL+MAJ (as usual in old Linux's out the time of xorg.conf! But this commute only the keyboard layout, not the size of the actually fonts. Learning a language is often also a matter to write a word in one language and the next word in the other language and perhaps a word more in a third language on the same row / line! It is very complicate to do that in "mousepad" from xfce4 (I am using). Next problem would be the spell check! Linux has no real norm!!! I need only the Gnome office (Abi word, Gnumeric, Web (epiphany browser), Gimp. and, over, that mousepad, if in XFCE4 (because you can define 1 font and 1 font size, but, sorry, not commute a 2d definition that would be 1 other font and 1 other font size and a commute way like CRTL+MAJ (the little icons on the control bar in some other desktop are not really an help because you have to change all the time the writing position with the mouse!!!), and I add over that more: xsane, tesseract-ocr for tam, id, de and fr as well as mgp (MagicPoint) as Gnome office has no own "presentation's app" (but I did never use it writing Devanagari or Tamil until yet, I must admit... I don't know if it is possible using that very old application!) . This is the reason why I would be interesting to use a Linux distro made in India hoping that solutions are available or would come soon... And I would like to try to build my Garuda from scratch (also hoping it can be possible to begin soon to install some such solutions eventually not being proposed for the all distribution :wink: knowing exactly before to do that how the base of my distribution is made (or starting the installation with a script as it is possible with Debian's derivates with debootstrap. In the last years, I did use more / only Debian's derivates. My ARCH experience is about zero because I always did meet difficulties with the "not valid keys". Actually, I use a absolutely minimal Devuan installation and sometimes a Deepin full install (as Deepin continues to offer in 64 bits a.) oldies out the time of 32 bits like xvidcap, darktable, etc., you can install xombrero browser relatively easily, Deepin offers Skype and the wps-office (full compatible with MS office files). I rarely use it because very slow start etc. but it is available if I have such special situations of exceptional needs...

The second objective of register here would be to learn more about India. I am a great admirator though I know about nothing compared with the giant dimension of land and culture. And today, all internet forums for commune relations are now closed. It is not possible to know the name and url's of services (the real India Google like classic search service(s) in Hindi, in Tamil, the name of free Indian news papers (in Hindi, Tamil, also (actually yet better for me) English, the ebay like classic/common services for internet shopping/deals to find and buy old editions of books in 2 languages probably edit in the past by for ex. missions in India, and general discussions about inter continental relations.

I am also interesting in Internation Artificial Languages. I assume Indian people did also try this way (Slave people did do that since ab. 1820 do permit to speak between Russia, Poland, Bulgaria etc. avoiding to have to use the way of the English language having a totally different approach how to say something and communicate together...)

Last on me: I did never learn English (but you did probably have recognize it yourself if you have read this long introduction until this point. Sorry for you toil!).


The average age is raised by you to 20 :wink: , thank you and


Now I have to make glow with the amount of text.

What is the MAJ Key?

From download page.

Garuda Linux Barebones is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we dont provide any support for Barebones editions!)

It would be easier to split this thread
to make it clearer.

We have quite a few users from India here but mainly this is a forum about Garuda Linux :smiley:


Oui, bienvenue !

Thank you for your help (the link is very interesting for me) :sunny:

MAJ is the word of French origin for UPPER CASE LETTER / CAPITAL for ex. for "~ key" espec. the left key often above the CTRL key (in this case 1 hit with only 1 finger can be enough to commute extremely fast the writing!

split the thread? yes would be welcome but I don't understand actually good enough the forum structure (a "coffee place" somewhere for the second part of my message? a "special wishes" subdivision concerning the build from scratch somewhere?)

@erics: Thank you very much!


Today I did realize my fist complete and well working installation (as I explain here I did not have some success last time after my registration to the forum!)
It is a wonderfull distro really. The installation was easy excepted a detail I did not have known: that the installation includes a very, verty long (too long) phase of taking a first snapshot and as I was (relatively) in the hurry I did have to let the computer running fully alone to finish the job without pertubation and this a real carence in the information I find. But all is finish now and I am happy!
Thank you very much...

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It need maybe 5 min. to install, and the snapshot is ready in under 1 sec.
Installation time can change on different hardware (hdd, ssd, nvme).

That is all that matters.

Have fun :slight_smile: