My initial work in downloading Garuda

About Garuda Desktop Enviroments

First, I chose to download Garuda from Sourceforge. Here is the link that I attempted to use:

It comes back with an error message 'Page not found'.

I then chose the OSDN link and in 30 minutes, the download was finished. I used SUSE Studio Imagewriter to burn the iso to an USB drive. No problems. I highly recommend its use.

I then rebooted, entered my password and Garuda loaded. First, I was presented with two screens of Alacrity or something like that. I verified that they were identical to each other and completed the tasks.

Then I fired up Pamac and chose to download Qt Creator. Pamac locked up completely while try to refresh the refresh of the alternative db. Sorry, been up since 4am this morning. I left and went to town for an appointment 10am and when I came back om 2 hours and it was still locked up. I was able to do a normal shut down. I checked if the software I was trying to download had indeed downloaded and it had. I have run Pamac and downloaded several more times and it worked perfectly.

I also ran the upgrade of about 260 items. No problems. So I have now tried LibreOffice fresh. I checked all of the items, and all of them start to load the software and then quickly stop.

I wanted to alert the developers about these issues. I will ask a lot more questions but the two most important ones are:

  1. How can I completely delete the Latte?

  2. Are there any other choices for the Main Menu?

Any help, will be greatly appreciated...


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OK, to configure the Main Menu, I selected 'Configure Menus' and then selected 'Flatten Menus' and now I have a simple Menu.

Now, a question:

  1. That thing on the right, I think it is called 'Conky' and I want to remove it?

  2. Where in the settings can I choose to load all windows in the center?

Firefox is saving my passwords, that is so KOOL. On M, it never did that, and I could not change it.


I'm not sure which desktop you're using. If it's KDE you can simply disable conky, latte, or whatever else you don't want autorun at startup from within KDE's system settings utility.

Yes, I use KDE. I have closed conky and latte. Only to problems remain:

  1. Somewhere in the KDE settings, you can check so all apps load centered. I have been through the whole list and I cannot find it. getting old!!

  2. This is important, LibreOffice fresh will not load. Tomorrow, I will start checking about it. It could be that the OpenJava has not been installed.

take care and stay safe...


Try running libreoffice in safe mode

libreoffice --safe-mode

Ya, we're both getting old I can't remember exactly where that ones at either. If memory serves though, it might be nested in a right click submenu of the system tray (not in system settings).


I have been up about 14 hours, tomorrow I will check it out. I ran in Konsole the command you suggested, so tomorrow I will check that out.

Thank you so much for your tip, I think it will work. Right now, I am about to crash. So far I really like Garuda.


I have given up on the Ultimate KDE version. Tomorrow, at about 4am local time, I will download and install the Lite KDE version. I prefer not to use any Plasmoids. Recently on here, someone said they thought experienced users would prefer the Ultimate version and then remove what they did not want. It just takes too much time for me. Things I do not care for are BitWarden, Cryptpad, Kate, Garuda Meet, Garuda Cloud, Statping, Whoogle, and Searx.

I am sorry but Ultimate KDE is not for me. I love most of Garuda but I prefer the Lite and then I can add the things I need. The Garuda is one I love. At least 50% of the items in the Menu are not useful to me.



Nextcloud and Bitwarden ff extension are the only things of this list installed in Ultimate.
I tend to agree with you, I also do like installing the things I need instead of removing lots of them.


I am very pleased that someone writes that he likes Garuda Linux. Is too rare I find :wink:

Just consider the Ultimate version as an alternative for Linux beginners who want to play (OOTB).

With thousands of downloads, there are not 20 people who want to have it smaller, people who are able to customize the system to their personal interests within 5 minutes in the terminal. But the interests of these few are implemented, strangely enough.

I have to live with the fact that you can never please everybody :slight_smile: .


I now have a Garuda Ultimate KDE and Garuda (normal) Deepin in VMs. I wanted to check out what a fully tricked-out Plasma system was like, mainly as a learning tool (to see what's out there in KDE-land and linux gaming). Conclusion? The gaming packages are overwhelming for me because I don't game but it's interesting to see what's available out there. On the KDE front, it was helpful to see how much customisation can be done since I keep to the basic layout in Plasma and only change icons and themes. So again, it was educational. But it's really too much bother to update so much unneeded stuff regularly, so I think I'll get rid of it soon.

The Deepin VM was installed as a "control" install of Deepin20 on Arch repos. That way if my Archdeepin (which had Deepin v15 upgraded to 20) has issues after an update I can compare how the update went in the Garuda VM. If the same issues arise, I know it's Deepin's fault (mostly I think that will be the case, haha) and not due to any holdover packages or configurations from Deepin 15.


That is so true, no matter how hard you try you will never please everyone. I think for experienced users the Lite install is the way to go.

New users that are totally unfamiliar with Linux benefit the most from an ultimate install. That way they get to find out which apps are most useful to them.


The setting to open your windows centered is in

System settings/Window management/Window behavior/Advanced tab/Window placement.

I hope that does it for you!


Hi @Jett and welcome to the forums. :wave:


Hi @sammiev and thank you!