My hp p1505 laserjet printer is not working on garuda linux

error: Plugin download failed with error code = 8

error: file does not match its checksum. File may have been corrupted or altered
error: Failed to install Plugin.
error: The device you are trying to setup requires a binary plug-in. Some functionalities may not work as expected without plug-ins. Please run 'hp-plugin' as normal user to install plug-ins.Visit for more infomation.

Refusing to post the output of the required "garuda-inxi" on a help request will likely result in you not receiving any help from the Garuda team. A failure to provide your system specs may also result in your thread being closed without notice, (as without this information providing assistance is often next to impossible).

Before opening a new help request, please search the Arch and Garuda Wiki's, and read any relevant sections related to your issue. Also, thoroughly search any error messages in the forum's search engine and on the web. For in depth information on how to search for answers to Linux issues effectively read the tips on the Garuda Wiki:

Please report in detail everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.
You left the template text but it looks like you didn’t read it :wink:

For example, have you tried as suggested by the error message to (re)run hp-plug-in as normal user or visit that page? Probably there you’ll be able to download and re-install hplip, but the Arch version is updated, so, more than that, you could download and install the plug-in (see link below).
There are also many hits on an internet search for that error message.
It looks like an old error, probably with no strightforward solution, but you could give a look.
Only for example, check this one.

The first link to download hplip is not working anymore, but you can get it somehow for sure, but the link to the plung-in seems to be working:
Last but not least, you could try installing and enabling cups, like here:


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