My garuda linux computer won't turn off

hello everyone, yesterday I installed garuda linux on my computer, but the computer did not shut down, I played with the power settings, and it was fixed, but after 1 minute, a screen like the one below came up on the pc, I tried to fix it again, but after 1 minute, that screen did not come on, but when I shut it down, the same screen appears again and after the pattern in the middle returns, it starts to freeze and esc When I click on, it doesn't react and my computer does not shut down when I install ubuntu chrome os flex lubuntu, but when I install Windows 7.81.10 I don't get such an error and I don't want to delete it because I like garuda linux. As a last chance, I decided to write it here. I think so and thank you in advance for your help.
image: ku2xr3y.jpg

Welcome :slight_smile:

What did you change?
Revert it.

Use last working snapshot
and please always post garuda-inxi, did you read the template?

The translation is not clear, at least I don't understand it, what you want to say in detail.

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Also the link redirects to the home page of service provider.

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Hey Qhmetkayq .. I couldnt see the image but going form your description, i would say this is not a garuda issue, specially since you said it happens with others distros... Just the fact that it does not happen with windows makes me think some form of "secure boot" or security feature on the BIOS of your hardware... But again it is hard to assist with these few details.. as @SGS said it is really useful to get your Inxi so we can make more educated guesses .... check your BIOS see if you see anything there.

first of all you should try pressing ESC to see the kernel log. Upload an image of that please.

4ejna3p.jpg I pressed esc a few times, it turned off, I repeated it 3 times, then it stayed like this, and sometimes there is a hang on that screen, I can't press esc

According to this, you might wanna try a different kernel, though the post is 5 years old already.

Maybe try this as well

Test alternate kernels as already mentioned, and ensure that your bios is up to date.

Where can I find alternative kernels?

PLease, edit your post.

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