My experience with garuda

Hi guys, i'm here to talk about my personal experience and to say my special thanks for the devs. For me Garuda it's a revolution on Linux universe.

For a long time i didn't have a feeling of enthusiasm with a distro, until Garuda appears.

I started to use Linux in 2010, i was 12 years old (I always loved computer stuff) and a person presented me Ubuntu (Version 10.10 with gnome 2). For me, that moment was life changing, first moment of enthusiasm with the new operational system.
Diving into Linux universe, i used a lot of distros and used Linux Mint for a long time until Garuda.

With Garuda, my feeling was the same feeling of enthusiasm with Ubuntu in 2010, discovering something new and special. I think this is the most incredible distro i ever seen. The performance is great, my system is up with 1.2 Gb Ram, super fluid, never freezes or crashes. (Windows starts with 3.5 Gbs of ram on my machine, i just use windows for musical producing because of windows native plugins, I don't use it for anything else)

My eternal gratitude to each Garuda developer, i think each of you deserves a Linus Torvalds's hug, you guys work so hard, are very active in the forum answering questions every day and updating the system frequently. I'm very happy with Garuda on my computer and my thought it's that i found the distro for the rest of my life.


I think part of what makes it stick out is that a lot of people talk about how Arch is so great, but the custom setups people use for Arch aren't what's typically offered in most Arch installers or Manjaro. Like I can't remember anything offering to install a different scheduler or even a modified kernel. So Garuda is basically the Arch setup that people try to set up themselves in Arch, but with all the little details looked after as well. LibreWolf sticks out in my head in particular for being a prime example, none of its addons are really technically difficult to install in Firefox but that they're installed without you needing to know of those addons existence beforehand is like being able to use an experienced user's personal setup.


Thanks for nice words.