My combined suggestions, a set of features to make garuda stand out, way above the rest......(not a review, based on major improvements not in ui but in functionality and user experiance, performance)


1> when i first used parrot security os, i bumped into the ram mode in the live usb boot menu! amazing add on to a performance focused distro. an iso into ram could improve live user's end experiance. as it is faster. (also possible by custom addon toram but a dedicated option would be appreciated)

2>i am currently using pop os as my primary os. i like the way they have a good support for nvidia and are pretty loud about it, in the arch world, garuda too does, but it is quietly integrated. a power switching option in the panel (nvidia only,integrated only, both, integrated for desktop enviournment animations and dedicated gpu utilized for only games and apps--improves battery-lifr) and overclocking option would be greatly appreciated (something like cpu manager in gnome).

3> a tool named ventoy is gaining popularity very quickly as a highly preffered usb booting tool. many people use ventoy. it has an integration program to improve support with distros called ventoy compatible, please do so, this will make garuda linux work like a true garuda on a ventoy usb and in general improve live usb booting.
please check this link

4> ubuntu has software-properties-gtk to test the fastest update server post-install, parrot security os has it pre install. it highly polishes the end user experiance. people mostly tend to upgrade before the switch mirrors. so if switching to fastest mirror automatcally behind the scenes, could be simply great. also three option battery life mode, balanced mode and performance mode will be great. a menu in display settings to set preffered gpu to run apps would be great. like a menu in which we can declare that always run steam app using dedicated nvidia gpu and run the firefox browser and discord using integrated gpu only. (recent addon in windows---inspired by it)

5> if you install kali-linux, it has an option in the installer to install multiple desktop envoiournments pre configured in kali-look and feel. i know it can be installed through terminal but a gui addon to switch desktop enviournments with pre-configured garuda look would be great.

6> a private mode integration that prevent activity logging and integrates with firefox to stop caching, cookies, ads, history, and uses a proxy (if pre-configured)

7> i personally feel a distro makes itself successful on the basis of how well it allows the new users to test itself under live mode.
if you just start mx-linux-live iso then there is a snapshot management feature combined with live mode which allows a better live mode experiance for end users. it is a way to setup persistence in mx-linux live usb without a headache or using a flashing utility. persistence is underdeveloped in arch systems but possible. it allows to make permanent changes to an iso for a bootable usb. please add it to boot menu on live usb in garuda.

8> nvidia users on linux sometimes face issues in booting due to incorrectly configured drivers or some nvidia proprietary driver specific problems, so an option called no-nvidia mode will be amazing where all connections with the nvidia drivers is cut-off and only the integrated gpu is used. these issues are common with gdm more than any other dms.

9> please read this one carefully, in pop os installation, 4 gb of my partition is reserved in recovery which if flashed with a live pop os iso allows to go there and use it as recovery without any bootable usb. it is a place where i go to experiment with wierd stuff where i can run into issues. i dont need to go under a restoration for it, i just need to reboot to my main partition. if a newbie was to install any arch linux distro he most likely spins a vm. they dont prefer a installation. there are a few reasons-

a> fear of unstablity, breakdowns and incompatiblities (which is wrong) -- a good troubleshooting gui in garuda solves it. snapshots are great, but sometimes run into complications with them and also a total mess.
b> people first wish to learn arch commands, create a custom layout and then master arch. -- so if garuda adds a guest login mode at login, an optional mode of using it as live user might help newbies overcome arch fear. i mean they can have their best configurations setup in the main account-- for gaming browsing and updating.....but a live user mode to understand arch, play around and learn new stuff about arch knowing that their main setup is untouched. i know snapshots are great but not always. like creating a live user login mode would significantly reduce people using a vm for garuda and will think that the same experimentation can be done on the live mode as well. its more of a physcology i suppose. i dont think garuda will be criticixed for the simple add-on. this can be disabled by default but enabled if shall be a live or a quarentine mode for testing among developers and a confidence booster for newbies. it will not have the installation stuff. would be great for privacy as it wont log anything and great for recovery and partioning the main drive as well. it could as well become a signature feature for garuda. snapshots are great in accidental mistakes but a live user mode is also justificable if the user wants to test something which he doesnt want to effect his main install but neither wants to undo it with a snapshot.

i feel most arch breakdowns are not backed by very recent snapshots... if something goes wrong, its instantaneous. a live user is a tweaked way of presenting guest user but no changes are saved. i mean that could make it quite a privacy kinda thing if you get what i mean... it need not be there by default , a tool to get the iso and create a live user after the install would be great. an isolated self destructing enviournment great for using tor within it. also if a user has an iso for garuda downloaded the user can easily setup a live usb or a recovery usb or an installation media or a persistence usb. i feel this is great and i welcome any opinion on the same. thank you.

10> many people search the web for top things to do after installing their distros, would be great if it is provided at the welcome update, install these utilities like preload in ubuntu, reduce grub timing, etc..(tweaks and optimizations and intresting apps...) an auto-tiling feature would be great for programmers and developers in general. native option to temproraily disable screen dimming an turn off as provided by "coffee" a gnome extension might as well be nice to have.

in terms of ui, everything is well carried out but i would like to advice you to rather stay away from neon or glowing wallpapers as it might not go well with the theme a contrasting minimal wallpapers, dark wallpapers would go well with the garuda color scheming. also a wallpaer for gamers would be a cherry on top :slight_smile:


Don't talk, do it, it's probably easier than you think.

Ventoy never work for me but ...


well i will say it last time garuda is not supposed to be used in live usb for anything other than installing.
virtual machine is not recommonded either.

there are some things you need to learn when running an arch based distro.

an live mode or whatever you call will not be implemented in garuda

you can fork the garuda create your own distro and add these features


As before, all said.


We are gonna do it.

As for

Everything you mentioned is already implemented in garuda-assistant app.


And another thing i want garuda to be an daily used os

Not an experimentation ground in live boot.

You have to install it on real hardware to use it properly.

Anything other are just hindrance to the goal.


Let us know when you've got all the other features @librewish said won't be, or are already integrated into Garuda perfected and we'll look at integrating them once all your work is completed. However, be sure you do lots of quality assurance checks or you will find others will be highly likely to criticize your work.