Music production

I use Garuda Linux and reaper to produce music professionally and it rocks. Also I am new to Linux coming from Windows and I will never go back :slight_smile: :smiley:


Welcome and enjoy! :slight_smile:


I'm moved from AV Linux to Garuda for my new PC build and I'm really happy about it. I used to do production on windows too. Now I'm exited to get deeper into Linux Audio. I'm also using Reaper, trying hard to leave my previous Ableton centric workflow.

Welcome to community! Glad to have you! What kind of music do you ideally produce or just original stuff?

I produce everything from scratch, chords, Bass and I program my own drum sounds. Only samples I use is stuff like effects or claps higghats. Right now I produce deep House, hip-hop and some experimental stuff working on my skills and a EP with a friend who sings.

Any producer out there need help setting stuff up like installing windows vst that like using and so on let me know. Garuda comes with everything working so don't have to worry about stuff like getting your audio interface to work :grinning:

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I donΒ΄t have a genre-centric approach to making music, but influences do show up. I make my own music mostly, but recently produced for a contemporary dance play and a friend's hip-hop track. I like sampling and remix, but also generative stuff and jazz-like improvisation.

I've been playing around with Tidal Cycles recently. I recommend checking it out for any programmer, technically inclined musician or command-line geek.

I'm trying to move towards FLOSS and linux-native plugins in general, related to what is reflected upon in this article, but not limiting myself. I'll do like some help on running windows-audio apps and plugins trough wine, like Xronomorph. Perhaps a new thread In "FAQs and Tutorials" section will be much welcome!

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I use Manjaro Linux, and Windows for audio production. I have installed Garuda gnome to try it out. I can not get any audio in or out of Reaper and apparently Cadence and Carla are not working with pipe wire with all of the installed bridges. I would love to know how you configured Garuda for audio production. My zoom Uac-2 works plug and play with all media players and browsers. Cheers

I re-installed Cadence and everything works. There are 0 xruns and no latency even with Windows plugins. Yay!!!! Good-bye windows almost. Just need a driver that unlocks Maschine MKII to general midi mode.

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Do you have any experience running Ableton Live and/or Kontact/NI VSTs through Wine? I have a NI S88 M II controller and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the trouble to try and get Ableton+Kontact running in Wine vs. Linux based DAW alternatives.

Would love to get your input/advise on the matter.

Sorry, but it is very off topic, please open a new thread.
Maybe with @Daybreak in your request :slight_smile:

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