Multiple Monitors


I am hoping to move to Garuda Dragonised soon, so want to resolve as many things in my head as possible.
my setup is as follows -
i9-14900k, Nvidia 4090, Gigabyte 144hz display, Asus 165hz display, unbranded 60hz display.

Is there anything that I need to do to make the display work, either during or after install?
Any extra apps that might be needed or could be useful?
That sort of things

Please ask if any more infor is requires.


you will need to properly have to use x11 not wayland with your three monitors. I run a similar settup


@TilliDie ok, how do I do that please?
I think that I read that there is a drop down at start up where you select that?
If so, would I need to do that at every login?
Also is there anything else that might be needed?
Are there any disadvantages from using x11?

Sorry for multiple questions!

It,s on the login screen on boot

No it will be persistent



If there are no disadvantages, why did they make wayward then?

Smaller code base easier to manage + etc ! ,it,s been in the making a very long time!, but still is not ready for somethings but getting there


Ah yes I do remember saying that it uses less resources or something.

On first boot, well during install as well I presume, should i only have my main monitor connected, and then add the others after booting into x11?

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@TilliDie thank you, that’s another riddle solved for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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