I want to change win10 to garuda and I can't find any info about multi-monitor
So I want to ask about it, is it working correctly with two monitors and where I can configure monitor positioning, if my monitors have different resolution and size
Thanks for your future replies

That depends on the edition you choose. On dr460nized, you can find these settings under "Display Configuration".


Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Generally speaking the answer is yes, but for further info you should always provide your garuda-inxi, as requested by the template.
Even if you have not installed yet, I think you have already identified the edition you like. And if you have already prepared the live USB, you can provide that information from there.

I run a 4 screen setup and let me tell you, Garuda is probably one of the best OS´s for this.
It is super-easy to manage, just right-click on your desktop and then choose "Configure display settings" and it´s all GUI!
Click and drag until you arranged your screens as you want them!

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