Multi-monitor setup and i3wm

Let me begin by saying amazing job garuda team and contributors.
I have been a long-term i3wm user due to low laptop specs, when I got a new one I switched to garuda dr460nized and I have to it has been working great for me.
Then I gave the i3wm version a try (on live disk) and it was blazing fast compared to KDE because of course, it is. But it did not support my second monitor on HDMI, I looked into xrandr it did not list it either I'm not sure if this is a garuda issue or an i3 issue. I am not sure if it works when installed on the machine, if someone has tried it please let me know.
I just wanna know if there is a fix for this or am I better off using Dr460nized?
Thanks in advance
or just whoogle I can't help with, I have only one monitor.


Then you would know we can't answer without system info.

Reporting bugs | Garuda Linux wiki


I might be able to actually help someone .... even though I am just a user.
I copied a line into autostart after a bit of reading

exec --no-startup-id xrandr --output HDMI2 --right-of HDMI1 --auto

I dont know if it will work with a laptop and external monitor but it definitely worked with my simple 2 x hdmi setup.

(BTW I have changed over to the sway that the community has put out. It works better for me as I could not get screensaver to work on i3 ,(would turn ofF my 2 monitors and they would not turn back on , when resuming but sway is doing this.) .

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